I don't want to freak you out... All I'm saying... is don't turn around...

There's a ghost... right... BEHIND YOU!


Okay so this article and video may fall under the category of "interesting for some, total eye-roll material for others." We're talking about the supernatural, baby!

DZ and Corwin are undertaking a new series in which they tap into their Sherlockian side in an attempt to solve some of sports greatest mysteries. They've already tackled the mystery of the missing puck from Patrick Kane's Stanley Cup winning goal, but this latest edition is a little spookier...

Is there any truth to claims that two American hotels (in which athletes stay at) are haunted? 

The two hotels in question are the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City, and the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. Both have long been rumoured to be haunted, and a handful of athletes have come forward about their own experience with the supernatural. 

To unpack all of this and... apparently interview Charles Pfister himself???.... here's DZ and Corwin.


So what do you think? Is this simply a case of fear and anticipation compounding into perceived reality? Or... is there something more? 

Let us know in the YouTube comments, and like the video if you enjoy this series!

In case you missed episode one, here it is for you as well. 



BOO! Did I get ya?