Giancarlo Stanton is easily one of the strongest players in the MLB. If you don’t already know that, you clearly don’t watch baseball.

Not only is Stanton visibly huge (and getting bigger each year, seemingly), he also mashes baseballs out of the park like it’s nothing. Stanton recorded the top two exit velocities during the 2019 season, hitting a whopping 120.6mph (or 194.1kmh).

Still need proof? Here’s a video of Stanton bench pressing Brazilian model and famous Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima.


Give me a pool noodle and I couldn’t bench press it with as much ease as that.

No matter how impressive it is, you’ll always have those that see the other side. Immediately after the video was posted, the comment section began filling up with fans suggesting he focus on flexibility and core strength instead of weight training. After all, it doesn’t matter how much he can bench if he’s watching the game in a sweatshirt from the dugout.


(H/T Kirk Myers Fitness)