Giannis Antetokounmpo is an NBA Champion after leading the Milwaukee Bucks on an incredible title run. While we are all for the hilarious offseason Giannis content, we are also excited to see the Greek Freak get back out on the court.

With preseason wrapping up this week, we got our first taste of the 2021-22 Giannis. While he still possesses the same length and rim presence that makes him such a dominant player, he’s also flashed some improvements in other areas. He’s been shooting the ball a little more, but the most entertaining adjustment has come from speeding up his free throw routine.

If you watched the playoffs last year, you already know how much of a storyline Giannis’ free throw tardiness became. He was even given a violation for taking too long, and it became common place for opposing fans to chant out the seconds each time Antetokounmpo stepped up to the stripe.

This year, though… this year is different…




Fans quickly strapped on their sarcasm shoes and hit the internet.