Giannis Antetokounmpo is an NBA Champion, and we hope youโ€™re prepared for a summer full of dad jokes, live videos, and absolutely hilarious content from the Greek Freak.

Giannis has become known for his playful personality, and youโ€™d be hard pressed to find someone more beloved in their market. Despite what many thought he would do, Giannis stuck with the Bucks and followed through on a promise that he would not leave Milwaukee until the championship was won.

He did just that, and he did by way of an incredible 50-point Game 6 to secure the title.

On Day 1 of Giannisโ€™ summer as a champion, we already were treated to some awesome content. Giannis visited Chick-fil-A to order, yep, exactly 50 chicken nuggets.



From claiming that he stole the trophy, to his hilarious interactions with fans, to order *exactly* 50 nuggets, this video is a good indication that we can expect this offseason: Pure hilarity from the Greek Freak.

(H/T SportsCenter)