The Vegas Golden Knights have had one of the most successful inaugural seasons of all-time. On the ice, they are doing better than any expansion team’s first season ever (and most of the NHL in general this year), and off the ice they have made one of the biggest social media footprints a team has ever had, ever.

Some of the ways they would do this was with their quick responses, their witty puns, their obscure movie references, their horrible jokes, and their fearlessness when it came to taking on other teams’ social media accounts.

This, however, is likely all about to change. The very unique presence is losing their captain and visionary – Dan Marrazza.


While the Twitter account certainly had some haters, it also revolutionized NHL social media. With the Knights’ Twitter presence likely about to go through a noticeable change (you can’t fake Marrazza’s presence), fans showed their love to the man that gave them so many smiles.


(H/T Ken Boehlke)