The NHL is set to release the expansion draft list to the public and fans can’t wait to see who their team plans on protecting heading into this year’s expansion draft.

The Vegas Golden Knights made it clear on Saturday that they were going to do their best to let all 30 teams keep a majority of their roster together for next season.

On Sunday, the team’s Twitter account sent out a humorous tweet ahead of the release of the expansion lists and expanded a bit on what they were looking for in the expansion draft and included a picture of the New York New York Casino and Hotel.

Fans from across the league reacted to the tweet by asking the Golden Knights to take some of their more expensive players off their hands instead.

The release of the expansion lists is less than 30 minutes away, so fans will have to wait a little longer to see who might be on the way out from their team.

(H/T Twitter/GoldenKnights)