The "Golden State versus the world" narrative started during the team's historic run last season and has continued over to this season thanks tot he signing of Kevin Durant.

Add in the fact that the team threw themselves a "Super Villains" themed party on an off day earlier this month and the fact that people aren't fans of their care-free and what some consider to be cocky style of basketball and it's understandable why that narrative hasn't changed.

Along with the narrative, fans and players haven't been afraid to share their opinions on the Warriors, and now, it seems as though Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was the latest person to subliminally take a shot at a Warrior when talking about his own superstar player, Kawhi Leonard, via SB Nation:

"He's never going to be a towel waver," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. "He speaks to me about things that he sees now. He comes into timeouts, if he's not happy with what's going on on the court. That's all good.

"I'd rather have him do that than beat his chest and wiggle his shoulders and stare at the camera and all that other crap," Pop continued. "That doesn't seem to make much sense. I'd rather have it the other way and work on him to be a leader in the timeouts, in the locker room, on the plane. That kind of stuff." 

Who's the one most well known player in the NBA that wiggles his shoulders, beats his chest and stares at the camera after making a big shot?

We're not saying Pop was talking about Curry, but it seems that way, and if it is, he's really not saying anything bad about him.

Fans who have watched Pop over the years know he is a no-nonsense guy for the most part that coaches a team of robots, much like Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Obviously we're kidding, but the truth is Pop's team embodies his mindset, and it starts with his star player, Kawhi Leonard.

Curry, on the other hand, or other superstars that celebrate after big plays in a variety of different ways are just doing their thing. There's no right or wrong answer.

For those who now can't wait until Golden State and San Antonio lock horns again, you'll be waiting a while as their next game is on March 11th.

(H/T: SB Nation)