There’s no denying that the Bruins’ David Pastrnak was this year’s NHL Outdoors MVP.

Between the shades, the vibes, the iconic post game interview, and the fact that he scored three times in a 1:39 span to lead the Bruins to a 7-3 victory over the Flyers, this guy should be the new mayor of Lake Tahoe.



Pasta for Lake Tahoe MVP is obvious. The close second, though? Gritty, duh.

Gritty went full tourist mode for the Flyer’s outdoor experience, and we loved vacation Gritty.








Despite being in full vacation mode, he also made sure to troll the Bruins whenever possible.




Whether or not the Flyers win or lose, Gritty always manages to come out on top.


(H/T: NHLFlyers)