Listen, we’re all going a little stir-crazy right now.

The NHL season is slated to start January 1st, but with little concrete evidence of that happening, hockey is starting to look further and further away. So like we said, we’re all starting to lose it a little bit these days with such uncertainty in all facets of life, and we’re all coping with it in different ways.

Some are knitting, some are cooking, some are TikTok-ing, and others are really using the time to connect with their most spiritual self. While we’re definitely here for people searching for some inner peace, we most definitely did not expect one of those people (?) to be Gritty.

A couple days ago, Gritty put out a Tweet that looked a little bit like…a cry for help?



The thread that followed the initial tweet was a whole lot of ideas about how he could turn things around, and he finally landed on one thing.




Gritty is sharing his experience with crystals on social media, and though we’re not sure he’s doing it right, we’re glad he’s found a way to pass the time.










Listen, we definitely pictured something like smashing watermelons in an open field as a more viable pastime for the Grit man, but this is very enlightening.

Whatever gets ya through, Gritty!


(H/T: NHLGritty)