You would think that by now just about everyone and their grandmother would know who LeBron James is, but as 'the King' found out on Monday, that just simply isn't the case.

Following morning shootarounds, the Cleveland Cavaliers all decided to take a trip on the New York City subway line, something that attracted a fair amount of attention online. But while the novelty of seeing NBA stars take the subway together in their team gear was entertaining, that was only part of it.

While on the subway LeBron recorded a video for 'Uninterrupted,' documenting the Cavs' ride on the MTA. In the video, LeBron points his camera at a subway passenger sitting to his right, which led to the person putting up his hand and saying "can you not," turning him into a trending topic on Twitter.



After getting roasted online for not recognizing LeBron James, and not wanting to be in his video, the passenger, James Michael Angelo, who is a real-estate agent/comedian, took to his own social media channel to address the moment of awkwardness.

Turns out he didn't recognize LeBron, as he "doesn't watch football."



Not wanting to be filmed on the subway in the morning is perfectly understandable. But it is just a bit strange that he didn't recognize LeBron. Yes, not everyone watches basketball, but the guy has certainly transcended his sport to become literally one of the most famous people on the planet.

Oh, and wearing Cleveland Cavaliers gear while being 6'8", 250 pounds should probably have been a pretty decent indicator as well. That's like one step away from him being in his uniform. He definitely knows who he is now.