There are a lot of players around the NHL that would fit the label of “likeable.” Even given that, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone around the NHL quite as likeable as Henrik Lundqvist.

The longtime New York Rangers netminder is a legend in the crease, but beyond his stellar play he’s also just a really nice guy. He’s always polite, smiley, and seemingly always down for a chat. He’s also the most fashionable man in hockey, but that’s beside the point.

Ahead of the 2020-21 season, hockey fans were dealt a little heartache. News surfaced that the recent Washington Capitals acquisition would have to undergo invasive open heart surgery, and he would be out indefinitely as a result.

Months later, we know that Lundqvist’s surgery was successful, and his recovery has been speedy thus far. It didn’t come without some rough times, though.

On Wednesday, the NHL Network released a Lundqvist sit-down with Kevin Weekes in which King Henry opens up about the emotional time.

The 10-minute interview flies through a few subjects, including Lundqvist’s mindset throughout the whole process. Overall, it seems like Lundqvist handled it with courage and grace, and it’s great to see him looking ahead to the future.

This was Part One of three total, so we have a lot more Hank to look forward to.

(H/T NHL Network)