We've shown you the Pacific Division. Then we gave you a taste of the Central Division, followed by the Atlantic. Now, it's time to round out eDunkel Designs' NHL colour rush jerseys with the Metropolitan Division.

The Metro has some beautiful jerseys as is but we think all you hockey fans will appreciate the creativity that went into these ones. A black Devils jersey? A new version of the Rangers' Statue of Liberty sweaters? Take a look at these beauties:


Okay, so this writer is personally the biggest fan of the Blue Jackets cannon jersey but hey, to each their own!

The NHL doesn't have their own colour rush jersey series but maybe they should consider now? Here's a look at some of eDunkel Designs' other concept, we have a felling you'll like them, too.


And here's a look at the Pacific, a couple of awesome Canada tarps in this one!


You've now seen all 31. Which of the bunch is your favourite?

(H/T eDunkel Designs)