There’s still a bit of confusion over the Winnipeg Jets’ new Reverse Retro jerseys.

The team brought back its historic look from 1979 but instead of utilizing classic red, it went in a different direction with grey. While some fans are upset with the Jets’ colour choice, others were disappointed to not see the club go back to its franchise's real roots and try something with the old Atlanta Thrashers jersey. But don’t worry! We now at least have a clue as to what one may have looked like.

A graphic artist created his own version and all he really needed to do was flip the old ‘T’ logo around and add a few more details. The swithup actually very clean and now we’re left wondering why the Jets didn’t experiment more with something like this in the first place!


Well, that was an easy fix! As for the actual jersey? The BarDown team had some hot takes on it.



Looking back, the Thrashers’ iconic ‘T’ logo is one of the cooler tarps from the past 20 years and a recreation of it would have done the trick. So, do you think the Jets should have gone with a look from the days in Atlanta instead? Check out what we had to say about all of the new sweaters below.


(H/T Evan Klapstein)