The Vegas Golden Knights improbable season continues to fascinate the hockey world, and on Tuesday night, they can add to their Hollywood story eliminating the Los Angeles Kings from the post-season in Hollywood.

Vegas can become the first team to punch their ticket to the second round of the Stanley Cup if they manage to sweep the Kings.

With the Kings down 3-0, hockey fans are starting to dig up old tweets from the Kings’ Twitter account from September when the team played in a prospect tournament along with the Golden Knights prior to training camp. One tweet that really stood out was the Kings posting a screenshot of the word “wannabe” and its definition after the Golden Knights mocked the Kings about their Twitter account.

Fans are now quote-tweeting or linking the old tweet and pointing out that the wannabe screenshot tweet did not age well whatsoever.

Yikes. So, if the Kings do get swept, or fall to the Golden Knights in first round, just remember that the Kings are the wannabes of wishing they were still in the playoffs.

(h/t For the Win)