The NHL has finally evened things up.

On Tuesday Morning, expansion to Seattle was approved meaning the NHL will now consist of 32 teams. No more worrying about uneven divisions or any stuff like that. Seattle will logically join the league’s Pacific Division while Arizona will shift over to the Central. Most hockey fans are probably thrilled with the news except for those who reside in a certain Canadian city… Quebec City. Following the announcement, Bettman announced that the league is content with 32 teams and is not looking to further expand at this point in time.


Not the news fans from Quebec City were hoping for…



Seattle still has some work to do. A team name still needs to be picked and assembling the actual roster will be atop of the priority list. LeBrun also confirmed that the expansion draft will take place in June 2021.


We all know from watching Seattle Seahawks games how crazy the city’s sports fans are, but they’ll have their work cut out for them if they want to emulate the Vegas Golden Knights’ success from their inaugural season.

Welcome to the NHL, Seattle!



BREAKING: The #NHL has approved Seattle as the league’s 32nd franchise.

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