Playoff hockey is as rough, tough and intense as ever, and sometimes, emotions do get the best of players.

Milan Lucic of the Edmonton Oilers is one of those players that plays a physical game and knows what it takes to win in the playoffs.

He also isn't afraid to defend his teammates, which he showed during Game 3 against the Ducks Sunday night.

In the second period, Hampus Lindholm shoved superstar Connor McDavid, and Lucic responded by doing this to Lindholm:


Lucic and Lindholm were both penalized for roughing on the play, but that didn't stop hockey fans from weighing on what they saw, which appeared to be a choke from Lucic.

Lucic's past coupled with what he did to Lindholm makes it easy to understand why so many were outraged with the 'choke.'

At the end of the day, though, if the NHL does nothing about it, then it's a footnote on what could be a 2-2 series after Wednesday night as Lindholm (+5 for the game) and the Ducks won Game 3.



FINAL: Jakob #Silfverberg's three points lead the #Ducks back into their series against the #Oilers.

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