Hockey fans won't want to miss the game taking place in Toronto Monday night as it features some of the NHL's best players.  The Colorado Avalanche are in town to take on the Leafs and although they've struggled as of late, they still have arguably the best line in hockey.

Nathan MacKinnon leads that top line for the Avs and he'll have to be at his best against the Leafs to help get his team back in the win column.  This last stretch of games has been frustrating for the Avs and the boiling point came last week in Calgary when MacKinnon and head coach Jared Bednar got into it on the bench.

Mike Babcock was asked about what he thought of the heated exchange between the two and based on what he had to say, he had no problem with what transpired.

It almost seemed like Babcock was encouraging the emotions and getting mad every now and then because let's face it, there are going to be ups and downs every season.  Sometimes getting mad is a way to let those emotions out, which is probably better than keeping them in.
MacKinnon also spoke about the incident prior to Colorado's game against Montreal this weekend and took responsibility for what happened.
(H/T: Kristen Shilton)