Hockey players hear it all the time from ice resurfacer drivers: “get off the ice while I’m cleaning it!”

A player in the DEL apparently hasn’t gotten the message yet and it nearly cost him after he narrowly escaped getting run over during intermission. Straubing Tigers forward Stefan Loibl was in the midst of an interview before things took a serious turn for the worse. The interaction seemed to have been going by smoothly before an ice resurfacer came out of nowhere and almost put Loibl on the IR. Watch, as the 21-year-old barley managed to escape the disastrous situation.

Here is a transcription of the tweet:

Stefan Loibl is currently unstopable!!!

First he is too nimble for the Sharks, then he deviates skillfully from the ice machine.

Luckily, neither the telecom boys nor Stefan has anything happened.

All games, all goals-

It’s tough to determine exactly what happened with the driver. Did he simply put the machine in the wrong gear or was there possibly a malfunction? Or was he just sleeping at the wheel?

Or was Deadpool at the wheel? (0:00-0:20)


Considering everyone’s okay, at least the members involved can just laugh off the whole situation now. Hopefully this served as a reminder to players (and broadcasters) to get off the ice when the ice resurfacer is cleaning it.

(H/T r/Hockey)