Two of the NHL's biggest and baddest antagonists squared off in a heavyweight matchup on Wednesday. 

The tallest hockey player to ever suit up skates standing 6'10", Zdeno Chara took on the intimidating Tom Wilson, who stands six inches shorter and thirty pounds lighter than the veteran defenceman. 

You can watch the fight here.

Did you hear the Capitals building staff played Stone Cold's music?

The fight happened to be Chara's first of the year, which isn't surprising given his freakish size and ability to ragdoll opponents. Wilson, who's invests in a local boxing studio in the Washington area, is no stranger to scraps, dropping his mitts for the second time this season.

You have to admire Wilson's courage for taking on the mammoth Chara. He even scored a knockdown, although Chara bounced back up as if nothing happened. 

Here's how the hockey world reacted. 

Who are you scoring the winner? Chara got the take down, put Wilson put up a good battle, so we'll say it's a draw.