For the first time since the 2015/16 season, the St. Louis Blues are in the Western Conference Final thanks to a 2-1 win in overtime in Game 7 against the Dallas Stars.

As is the case in most sports, teams usually have a "victory song" they play after every win and for the Blues, that song is 'Gloria' by Laura Branigan.

You're probably wondering why 'Gloria,' a song from the 1980s is the Blues' victory song and luckily for you, we've got the answer, as per Chris Pinkert.

It all started with Alexander Steen, Joel Edmundson, Robert Bortuzzo, Jaden Schwartzand Robby Fabbri watching the Eagles/Bears NFC Wild Card game in Philadelphia back on Jan. 6.

"We got together with some friends and watched the game with a bunch of Philly guys who grew up there," Edmundson told "They had a DJ in the bar and whenever there was a commercial break, they would crank the tunes and all these guys from Philly would get up and start dancing around. They played this song Gloria a couple of times, and this one guy looked at the DJ and said 'keep playing Gloria!', so they kept playing it. Everyone would get up and start singing and dancing. We just sat back and watched it happen. Right there we decided we should play the song after our wins. We won the next game, we got a shutout, so we just kept on playing it."

The song has become a rallying cry for the Blues and their fans, and on Wednesday in honour of the victory, a St. Louis radio station decided it would play 'Gloria' for 24 hours straight.

Blues fans are hoping they'll hear it eight more times in the coming weeks as they'll need eight more wins for a Stanley Cup.