On Thursday, we told you about Alex Trebek roasting a Jeopardy! contestant because he received support from San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence on his winnings. The annual Tournament of Champions portion of the show is underway and it’s features the longest-running champions and prize winners going head-to-head against each other. The contestant was asked about winning seven different rounds of the show that won him $107,499.

Despite the Giants winning three of the last seven series, the gameshow host took exception that the Giants weren’t currently the world champions.

Sometimes, you just have to respect the fact the a good burn is a good burn, and the man on the receiving end of the chirp admitted that Trebek destroyed him. 

At least Pence was a good sport over it. So, will Pence be making an appearance on the celebrity edition of Jeopardy!? Based on his emoji selection, it’s plausible.

 (h/t Hunter Pence)