The NHL offseason always leaves fans feeling a little lost. What do you do when there’s no hockey on the tube? While the casual hockey fan has likely felt this at some point or another, we can only imagine how mascots feel.

Mascots live and breathe their loyalty to the team. When that team is suddenly golfing for the offseason, what’s a mascot to do?

Well, all kinds of things, including but not limited to helping out with wedding pranks.

On Monday, Carolina Hurricanes mascot helped a bride-to-be surprise her fiancé Matt Beeman (or at least, that’s what he goes by on Twitter). Under the assumption that he was about to turn around for some “first look” photographs and see his bride standing there, he instead got Stormy.

He looked just about as happy to see Stormy as we’d imagine he would seeing his bride. Should we be worried?

Just kidding. Congratulations, Matt!