So… what is a squid in hockey terms exactly? It’s a question that most of us have been asking ourselves here at BarDown for quite some time, and it looks like we finally have our answer.


You can usually hear Jesse calling an opponent a squid once per beer league game, which makes sense considering he’s the biggest squid in the game today. Takes one to know one, as they say?


Sharing the word’s hockey definition had been on Jesse’s mind for some time, so he went ahead and made a remake of Simple Plan’s ‘I’m just a Kid’, to ‘I’m just a Squid/’ Makes sense, right?


As it turns out, a squid is that dusty player on a high-level team who just didn’t get the ice they wanted. Anyway, we’ll let his vocals explain the rest… with some help from a few celebs in the hockey world.


You tell’em, Teemu!


So you may be wondering… who is the band that helped Jesse sound so good? Well, they’re a local Toronto band named Long Range Hustle and they rock! From recording the instrumentals to making Jesse sound WAY better than he did from the first recording, these dudes deserve a ton of credit. Can we also get them an Oscar for their acting? The fighting at the end was pretty top-notch…


Well, now that you know what a squid is, feel free to use it as a chirp in your next game. Beats calling someone a grocery stick…