We're all about combining sports to make one epic sport, like soccer baseball, for example.

Both soccer and baseball are fun on their own, but when combined, it's a different and just as enjoyable sport that perfectly blends the best of both soccer and baseball.  

Speaking of combining sports, another we'd love to try because it involves our favourite sport is lacrosse on ice, or ice lacrosse.

Based on these clips, ice lacrosse looks like one hell of a time and we'd love to try it out!

These videos of the sport were from a charity event in which friends of Mitch Shaver, who was diagnosed with ALS, came together in order to raise money for his family to help take care of the medical costs.

A truly wonderful story and sport, and if you google "Mitch Shaver" you can donate to help him and his family on gofundme.

(H/T: Stinson Mellor)