No sporting event is complete without food, whether you're watching the big game at home or live.

Although junk food isn't exactly healthy to eat, it's totally acceptable and encouraged at sporting events, and it's part of what makes sports so great.

There's one snack that stands out above the rest, though, that you can without a doubt find at most sporting events, popcorn.

January 19th just so happens to be National Popcorn Day, so in honour of the delicious snack's incredible day, here are some of the best and funniest popcorn moments of all-time in sports starting with this infamous Washington State fan eating popcorn in the rain.


This fan clearly loves himself some popcorn, and his love for the delicious snack probably equals Nik Stauskas' hate for it after his Kings teammates filled his house with it when he was playing for Sacramento.


Popcorn is a common snack used in pranks such as that one or when teammates fill a rookie's vehicle with it.

It can also be used to make someone look absolutely foolish, case and point this girl dumping a bag of popcorn on this guy after he denied her a kiss on the "Kiss Cam" at a Flyers game.

Another use for the snack, aside from eating it, is using it as a prop as Terrell Owens displayed after scoring a touchdown when he was a member of the Cowboys.

But, of course, the best use for popcorn is eating it, and if an athlete ever gets a little hungry during a game, it's the perfect snack.  Just ask Kyle Lowry.


Happy National Popcorn Day everyone, enjoy!