2020 has been a very weird year for sports, mainly because fans can’t be in attendance other than in very limited capacities. As a result, we’ve become accustom to the cardboard cutout life.

While it’s certainly not ideal, sports fans and organizers have been making the most of it with some cardboard creativity. Some teams feature cutouts of their fans, while others feature celebrities, cartoon characters, and other clever ideals.

For Indiana’s football game, there will be some familiar faces features vs. Penn State. They’ll be wearing some familiar blue jerseys as well.

Indiana volleyball coach Steve Aird is responsible for bringing the Buds to Bloomington. With COVID-19 blocking Canadians from being able to attend the game, Aird – a London, Ontario native – decided he’d do something special. To add a little more to the narrative, Aird mentions that Indiana and Toronto have the same Championship drought; 1967.

(H/T Mark Masters)