For the most part, soccer jerseys keep things pretty simple. They’re typically pretty simple but sometimes, we’re caught a little off guard by an outside of the box design.

In comes Inter Milan’s new jerseys, which straight up look like a Picasso painting.

The club released a special edition shirt which incorporates the club’s new crest and if you’re looking for some new art to hang on your wall at home, this might be up your ally. We’re not saying it’s a bad thing, but just go ahead and take a look at this puppy for yourself:


The reaction was predictably all over the place for this one:


Pretty good point in that last tweet!

Per ESPN, the jersey was inspired by futurist Italian artist Giorgio Muggiani, one of Inter's founding fathers who designed the original club badge. The club’s signature Nerazzurri stripes can be spotted on the chest but other than that, everything is pretty random.


Inter’s 1 M collection also includes another, more simple jersey. If you had to ask this writer… I’m going with the first one. Go big or go home, baby!



So… what are your thoughts on the new look?

(H/T Inter Milan)