Anyone that has ever watch kids under the age of 10 play hockey know that it is an experience of pure theatre. As long as you aren’t chomping at the bit for slick plays and jaw-dropping skills, the entertainment value of a kids hockey game is unmatched.

We decided to get a little closer to the action by sticking Corwin back in the penalty box for some more interviews. If you haven’t seen our previous segment, Corwin chats with freshly penalized youngsters to get their opinions on the refs, the calls, and the other teams.

Some kids are shy and a little sheepish about discussing their wrongdoings, but most would like to make one thing abundantly clear: They’re innocent!!!



Similar to the popular social channel YouTube Therapy, Corwin was able to extract some adorable answers out of the kids. After all, it’s not his first time.





So wait, are these kids taking penalties on purpose in order to participate in the interviews? Because, honestly…

That’s pretty sweet.

Leave comments on the YouTube videos if you have any ideas of what we should ask kids in the future!