For years now, hockey players have become a little type-cast personality. They follow the rules, they don't often make waves, and they let their play do the talking rather than their Twitter fingers or media appearances. While it's the safe route in terms of avoiding controversy, sometimes it's nice to see them flash a little personality and... I don't know... break the rules!

During Toronto Maple Leafs media day, we decided to pull off a little social experiment. We sat them down next to Corwin for a fairly regular set of interview questions. The only twist... there's a giant red button with "Don't Push" temptingly displayed right behind it. 

Would the Leafs follow the 'rules,' or would they take a chance to see what happens when they do. 

While Mitch Marner thought there was actually a chance he may get slimed (that would be truly wild), the actual result of button pushes were mostly positive. 
For the Leafs, at least. Not so much for Corwin!


In summary, four players pushed the button. Ryan Reaves had positive affirmations recited to him while Corwin stummed on the harp. Reaves and Auston Matthews both pushed the button repeatedly as soon as they found out about the stack of available 20-dollar bills in Corwin's pocket. Max Domi gave Corwin a bit of a haircut, while Mitch Marner was forced to stand for the national anthem. When Corwin ran out of money and Matthews kept pressing the button, Corwin received a few healthy slaps across the face.


Reaves certainly seemed to get the best deal. 


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