Hockey talk is a language of its own.

Could anyone argue that? While all sports have their own set of terms, hockey’s jargon is on another level of expansive and distinct; it even has different dialects depending on where you’re from and where you’ve played. It’s hard to compare hockey talk to anything other than a full-blown language.

In saying all that, it only made sense to us that a language of this extent deserved a dictionary of its own. Furthermore, it really made sense to us that the BarDown group would be the one to officially compile the inaugural list of hockey words and terms.

At the BarDown office, this is the language of the locals. Words like ‘lip lettuce’, ‘beauty’, and ‘pigeon’ roll off the tongue subconsciously once a sentence, and friendly chirps are interchangeable with common greetings.

For the first time in one place, the BarDown Dictionary is a comprehensive account of hockey words, phrases, slang, and lingo. We aimed to make this dictionary representative of ALL those that love hockey -  no matter what your experience is with the game, or where you’re from. Our goal was to create a place where coaches, professional players, beer leaguers, your average hockey fan, and those looking to grow their love of the game alike could find a list of every hockey term they could imagine. With over 300 words and counting, we’re confident in saying we have a solid collection.

As a disclaimer before use, terms are added to ‘real’ dictionaries every year, and the BarDown Dictionary is no exception. Like all languages, hockey’s will evolve with time, and words and phrases will have to be added and edited accordingly. We know that, and we’d love to hear what you want to see added, and which terms you’ve defined

Hockey talk is a universal language for all those who love the game, and we’re happy to be the ones to bring it to life at a time when we all feel so far apart.

Hockey is almost back in session, and it’s time to get studying, squids.