We’ve already watched our fair share of outdoor games this winter and have come across plenty of fantastic outdoor rinks over the past few weeks, but the Iowa Wild will be taking advantage of winter in a different way this upcoming weekend.

The Minnesota Wild’s AHL affiliate will be teaming up with Iowa Corn to host a two-day 3v3 outdoor hockey tournament that will take place at North River Adventures, a farm that is very well known for its massive corn mazes, and will feature four different outdoor rinks.

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There will be seven different divisions and the teams will consist of six players. Since it’s a pond hockey tournament, the teams will not have any goalies and they’ll all play a minimum of three games.

Aside from getting a chance to play in an outdoor hockey in the middle of a corn field, the players participating will also head home with a pair of Iowa Wild flex tickets.

(H/T Twitter/IAWild)