Every amateur golfer has dreamed of it, but very few have accomplished it. The highly sought after and incredibly elusive hole in one.

While we see an ace occur amongst professional golfers here and there, the likeliness of an amateur golfer nailing one is very low. According to the American Hole In One Blog, amateur golfers have 12,500-1 odds to nail one, whereas professional golfers clock in at 2,500-1.

We decided to put the odds to the test as our own Eric Kirk stepped up to the tee box and let ‘er rip. To be precise. Using a plethora of golf balls – 500 to be exact – Eric, along with his caddy Cam, did everything they could to sink one.



After a long, exhausting day on the 19th hole on Baxter Creek, the lads walked away without a hole-in-one to show for it. No matter how many shots they took, or how many holes they added, they couldn’t find that lucky strike.

Better luck next time, fellas.

Speaking of videos that take 500 balls…



Our hands are blistered just watching these videos.