You probably read that video and that’s a pretty big title to live up to, but we’ve seen the Patrik Stefan empty-net miss and we’re pretty sure this is worse.

Stefan is the first person that most people think of when they hear about someone missing an empty-net in hockey and for good reason. His was just amplified, because not only did he miss the empty net, but the puck immediately got picked up by the opposing team and was rushed down the ice for a goal and the team had to go to overtime.

Now, that didn’t happen in this goal, but what puts it ahead of all other competitors other than maybe Stefan’s is that there was a separate form of embarrassment: Crashing face first into the boards.


Luckily for Steve Holmes (The guy that took the spill), his Junior C squad, the Ayr Centennials were still able to squeak out a 2-1 win. Someday somebody is going to do this and end up losing the game and both Stefan and Holmes will be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they no longer have the worst empty-net miss in hockey history.