Remember when Jalen Ramsey told us to stay tuned for the NHL collaboration he was going to do?  Well, it looks like he's actually going to try to play hockey.

In a video released by UNINTERRUPTED on Thursday, Ramsey called a store looking to get some hockey gear and we can say with certainty he's not just getting gear for show.

P.K. Subban was tagged in the tweet and had a great reaction to it:

It's basically the reaction of all hockey fans at this point after Ramsey said he'd be able to make the NHL with just 6 months of training.

We're all curious to see Ramsey skate for the first time and we're sure the majority of hockey fans want to see him fail, which is likely considering he has no experience on the ice or on skates.

We won't know if he can do it until he tries, though, so we'll be following along anxiously until that day comes.