Ever since J.J. Watt broke the news that he’d be testing the waters of free agency, people have become seriously unhinged.

Fans, players, and celebrities all seem to have a different and pressing reasons as to why Watt should choose their preferred NFL team as his future home, and they’ve gotten pretty creative with their reasons and theories regarding where he should go.

We had to expect this would happen when such a stud hit the free agency market, but what we didn’t expect? For NHL teams to get in on the drama.

In the midst of all this craziness, Watt released this tweet.



Honestly, we agree.

We’re always big fans of teams seizing the moment with an amazing tweet, and the Minnesota Wild absolutely nailed this one.



Is J.J. Watt planning a quick sport chance? Well, probably not, but this tweet and photoshop is definitely A+.

(H/T: mnwild)