We try to remain pretty unbiased, but honestly, we’re hoping for a big year for the Buffalo Sabres.

They’ve suffered more than long enough, and we think they have all the right pieces in place to have the really successful season that they’ve been craving for so long.

Captain Jack Eichel is going into his sixth year in the league, and though he’s registered at least 50 points in each year he’s been in Buffalo, and got into 80 point territory the past two years, he’s never played a single career playoff game in the NHL.

That has to be about as frustrating as it gets for the wildly-talented 24-year-old, and based upon the progression of his head shots pointed out by Ailish Forfar, it looks like it’s starting to wear on him.



Buffalo, get this man to the playoffs ASAP before he finishes his full Home Alone transformation!


(H/T: Aillish Forfar)