The return of Blasty is almost upon us.

We won’t get to see the Calgary Flames in their Reverse Retro jerseys until February 6th, when they’ll host the Edmonton Oilers, but in the meantime, we have our sneak peek of Jacob Markstrom’s Reverse Retro goalie kit as debuted in practice.

Look familiar? As a couple of folks have remarked, these share a lot of similarities to the retro kit worn by Markstrom with the Vancouver Canucks last season for games in their Flying Skate throwback uniforms — just in black, instead of white.

Even beyond the change to a black base colour, there are minor details that differentiate the two kits, but the vibes are very much similar. Maybe the most important part: Both of these pad setups look incredible on the ice, and we can’t wait to see Markstrom finally pair his new pads with the Flames’ Reverse Retro jersey.

h/t Twitter/NHLFlames