It finally happened!

Our very own James Duthie, along with Jeff O'Neill took on Kyle Dubas and Gerry Dee at Osprey Valley In Toronto with $60,000 to charity on the line. With such big names involved, you just knew there was going to be a bit of trash-talking ahead of the action, and our guy James delivered the goods. As the two warmed up bright and early beside one another, James made sure to let Dubas know which team would be coming out on top in a video filmed by the GM.


That's the confidence you need to have if you want to win, we love to see it! James carried it through to his first shot, absolutely crushing his first swing.


Speaking of rocket drives... check out this magic from O-Dog. Guy has been putting in some work!.


Both sides were making clutch shots throughout the day, but check out this birdie putt from Dubas... come on!!!!


What a great event for a great cause. It doesn't really matter who wins at the end of the day but then again, there's pride on the line. Lots of it.


(H/T Toronto Maple Leafs