James Harrison’s workouts are nothing short of superhuman. He has been seen thumping the weights, pumping the weights, and now… humping the weights?

The 39-year-old took to Instagram Thursday to show off his power thrust. In the video he can be seen with an insane amount of weight resting on a protective cushion that he thrusts upwards a total of six times.


Explosion 💥💥💥 shoot the hips thru. Shoot thru the tackle not to the tackle!

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As always, Harrison is not afraid to make noise during this incredible display, and he even ends with an “awh, sh…” before the video cuts off. We can only guess what he was going to say.

While some people have argued that the 39-year old Harrison is too old to be signing two- year deals, as he did in March, his Instagram suggests that he still has lots left in the tank.

(H/T: Instagram/James Harrison)