The Chicago Cubs are sitting on top of the baseball world after winning the 2016 World Series and snapping the team’s infamous 108 year drought. When regular season play kicks off for the 2017 season, the Cubs will receive their rings to commemorate the victory. While they’re sure to be pretty, second baseman Javier Baez wanted another reminder of the victory, so he decided to get a massive tattoo that reads ‘World Series Champions’ on his left shoulder.

Baez’ new artwork looks great, and he’s certainly not the first to receive a tattoo in honour of a championship. Shortly after capturing the 2011 Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins, forward Brad Marchand proceeded to get a tattoo that reads ‘Stanley Cup Champions’. He made sure to leave enough room for more in the future.

These athletes weren’t going to put any ink on their body before they won anything, unlike these fans, who jumped the gun and decided to get a premature championship tattoo before their team even won anything.


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Time will tell if Baez can finish his sleeve with another World Series themed tat. It's certainly off to a good start, though.