The sequel to the much beloved hockey film Goon, Goon 2, released earlier this year in Canada, but is set to premiere in the United States on September 1st. This week the Canadian film star and director of Goon 2, Jay Baruchel, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the sequel's release.

While discussing the film, the topic of "who is the greatest fighter in hockey history" came up, and unsurprisingly Baruchel immediately answered the question with the name of a former Montreal Canadiens player.

Some fans may disagree with Baruchel's pick for "greatest fighter of all-time," as there's a long list of players who are also worthy of the title, but we don't think anyone would disagree with the fact that Mel Angelstad's fight with Darcy Hordichuk from back in 2000 in the now defunct IHL. 

This is pretty much what you would hope Mayweather-McGregor will look like...perhaps just with a little bit more finesse. That had to be nearly 20 full seconds of straight right hands, with almost each and every one of them connecting. You can really see why Angelstad truly believed that Doug Glatt's character was based on him, as he definitely packs a wallop.

For more insane hockey fights in 240p, do yourself a favour and punch in Angelstad's name into YouTube. Also, if you want to see just how into the Goon universe Carey Price really is, make sure to check out his interview with Marco Belchior