You can feel the Edmonton Oilers organization and their entire fan base about to blow up.

The constant talks of Peter Chiarelli finally getting the can have reached an all-time high, and frustrations surrounding their continued failure to win while having the best active player in the NHL suiting up night-after-night are mounting as well. Something has got to give.

We’ve seen experts explain that Chiarelli’s time may be up momentarily, in fact Ryan Rishaug posted this on Tuesday evening.



Former NHLer turned analyst Jeremy Roenick, who has never been one to sugar coat, was a little more blunt with his analysis. JR ripped into the Oilers organization in total, and his 2nd period rant on and NHL on NBC broadcast is now making it’s way around the internet as the message many Oilers fans would like to convey:



For the full rant, check the tweet below.



When a team is becoming so frustrating that it can cause that type of reaction out of anyone, you know something is wrong. Luckily for JR, and lots of Oilers fans who feel the same, a change may be around the corner.

(H/T Scott Billeck, NHL on NBC)