We've seen Jesse wear many hats during his time at BarDown. From his coaching hat to his Jofa bucket, we’re big fans of all his crazy hats and ideas. Recently, though, Jesse has tried out a bucket and a role that we haven't seen him in before and the experience was...interesting, to put it lightly. 

Jesse was tasked with refereeing his first-ever hockey game, and it went as well as you would expect, with some very Jesse-like quirks that are completely unexpected. He donned the infamous stripes while still remaining true to his unique style, and the result was hilarious. 

If you're wondering 'who the heck let Jesse referee their hockey game?', you're not alone, but the answer will warm your heart. Jesse wore the stripes for a great cause; after getting diagnosed with a brain tumour last summer, his friend Geordie Maguire along with his Queens classmates established ‘Queens Med Fights Cancer’. The initiative is a charity hockey game between medical students and doctors from Queens University with proceeds going to the Brain Tumour Foundation. 

The game raised over $100,000 for the Brain Tumour Foundation, and they haven't stopped yet! If you want to donate, check out this link.