There are hardly any fan bases more passionate than that of the Winnipeg Jets. The team that packed up and left in 1996 returned in 2011 to a city thirsty for an NHL franchise, and the result has been one of the strongest followings around.

Technically they were two different franchises, but we’re thinking that the fan base probably overlaps pretty heavy. That’s why Jets fans are so excited with the Jets’ latest announcement – for two nights in the 2018-19 season, Winnipeg will be taking the ice wearing these awesome throwback jerseys.



They aren’t exactly the same, but they’ll certainly remind fans of a time before the team left, when legend Teemu Selanne was still playing for the team.



The heritage jerseys are being received much better than the Jets current alternative jerseys, the baby blue threads that were met with wide criticism over the off-season.


(H/T Winnipeg Jets)