The Super Bowl is one of those events that transcends the football world.  Celebrities, artists and athletes from across the world are either at the game or watching the game regardless of whether they are rooting for one of the teams or not.



@karltowns shows his support for Meek Mill at the Super Bowl

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Karl-Anthony Towns, for example, is rooting on the Eagles and he's as close as he can be to the action.

His Timberwolves teammate Jimmy Butler, on the other hand, is at the Super Bowl, but he's playing a game completely unrelated to football.



@jimmybutler’s playing dominoes at the Super Bowl 😂 (via @itsjusme_)

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Anyone that knows Butler knows he enjoys playing dominoes.  The fact that he's playing dominoes while at the Super Bowl, though, is probably a little odd to everyone watching the game on television and at the stadium.

There's this great thing called multi-tasking, though, and we're sure Butler didn't miss out on seeing any of the big plays, like the Foles touchdown catch near the end of the half.



Take notes #TomBrady, #NickFoles will teach you how to catch a touchdown pass. . (🎥: @nfl)

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