The Jimmy Butler era in Minnesota is at an all-time breaking point. Even though it seems like not long ago he was falling out of a canoe into a brisk lake, the disgruntled all-star is not happy on a Timberwolves team that he believes is not trying hard enough to compete. In what has become a very public affair, Butler has openly spoke out against the team, whether it’s the coaches, the management, or the players.

Jimmy wants out, but it’s not clear if Tom Thibodeau and the T-Wolves are willing to grant that wish.

Recently, Butler was reportedly screaming at his team during practice, after which he did an interview with ESPN explaining the outburst. He’s doing everything he can to get the heck off that team.

Well, now he is at least!

Butler was asked on whether or not he thought the Timberwolves faithful would boo him during home games. The answer? Not what you would expect.



He’s not just saying that he thinks they may, and he’s not even saying that he doesn’t care if they do. He’s saying that he’s wants them to.

More than anything, this seems like a strange (but possibly effective) tactic to sway a trade. Not having the approval internally is one thing, but once the fan base gets involved there’s almost no turning back.

That seems to be the case, and Jimmy is encouraging it.



(H/T Jon Krawczynski)