Jimmy Fallon is known for a lot of things.

Obviously he's the hilarious host of 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,' but more specifically he might be best known by some sports fans for his incredible superlatives.



It's an annual tradition of sorts for every sport, not just hockey, but seeing as the Stanley Cup final is essentially over, Fallon took fired shots at Predators and Penguins players in his 2017 Stanley Cup final Superlatives.


As always, wonderful superlatives from Fallon.

We found the one about Conor Sheary to be one of the best due to the fact that he's well over the legal drinking age (25).

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Also, Ryan Ellis being voted warmest neck couldn't be more spot on.

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Now that Fallon has had his fun off the ice, it's time to start getting excited for Game 6 in Nashville Sunday night because the Cup will be in the building for the first time this series.

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