One of the best traditions surrounding the Super Bowl is Jimmy Fallon’s annual segment in which a group of adorable puppies choose their Super Bowl winner in front of a national audience. With just hours before the big game, the pups have made their choice and it might not sit well with a large chunk of football fans.

As a refresher, the dogs are tasked with eating food out of either one of the two team’s bowls. Whichever on has less food remaining is deemed the puppies’ ultimate pick and surprise, surprise people! The Patriots bowl had the bigger dent in it. It actually turned out to be a pretty tight battle.


Don’t be mistaken... these fluff balls aren’t as knowledgeable as they might appear to be. Golden Retrievers must love Tom Brady or something because they took him and the Pats in last year’s Super Bowl 52 tilt. But hey, at guess it was close?


At least the little guys can feel good knowing they picked the Broncos to win Super Bowl 50. We can’t help but wonder what prompts the dogs to eat from one bowl instead of the other. Are they using different foods or something? Is this whole thing rigged?


At the end of the day, their decision has literally no affect on the outcome of the game and is just a cute segment. But we’re sure New York sports fan Fallon deep down was not pleased with what he saw.