Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal are always getting into it on NBA on TNT, but things got more heated than usual last week while the panel was having some chicken wings.

Things seemed to get real personal when Shaq called out Barkely for not having any rings, and Barkley fired back by saying Shaq rode Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant’s coattails. The panel appearance seemed to get a little awkward as it reached the point where Shaq almost threw chicken wings at Barkley.

Jimmy Kimmel was so entertained by the argument that he had his team turn it into a Fat Albert cartoon.

We’re not sure who will be less happy with their character portrayal.

Mushmouth might seem like the better alternative, but at least Fat Albert is the star of the show. It actually kind of plays well into the argument as Charles Barkley does get some undeserved disrespect because he never had as strong of a supporting cast as some other Hall of Famers.

Here's the original video if you're curious.

Hey, Hey, Hey, it’s Shaq and Charles.