If there’s something both Chicago Cubs fans and breakfast lovers can agree on, it’s their love of waffles.

For an avid breakfast fan, a waffle may be the staple piece in having the perfect breakfast. On the other hand, for Cubs fans, a waffle maker highlights something a bit sweeter.

Home runs, sweet sweet home runs.

And that’s exactly what they got Wednesday afternoon when the Cubs took on the Brewers.

As a new face to the Cubs organization, Joc Pederson celebrated a game-tying home run in the eighth inning, which also marked his first home run with the team. Though the Cubs did lose 4-2, the moment was still sweet for the ex-Dodger.

Upon entering the clubhouse, Pederson was gifted with a waffle maker by Ian Happ to which Pederson celebrated by pretending to take some forkfuls.

The celebration took place after the two discussed bringing Happ’s waffle maker to the game in order to “waffle some balls.”

Though the moment today was hilarious, the waffle maker mascot actually began back in 2018 when Happ and ex-Cub Tommy La Stella.

Honestly, we kind of vibe with a mascot that serves as multipurpose. You can be holding up the kitchen appliance in cheer one minute and pouring some batter into the machine during the seventh inning the next minute.

Now we just want to see some more breakfast-themed mascots join the league. Maybe an egg so batters are encouraged to hear the “crack of the bat.”

Or some bacon so pitchers are encouraged to toss some “sizzling fastballs.”

Okay maybe those aren’t perfect, but we feel like we’re onto something here.